Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another reason to be grateful for good health

In the rural medicine rule book, section a part 2, we read that patients with heart complaints may not present to the clinic until 30-45 minutes before the close of business. This ensures that any plan that the health care provider, nurse, or office manager may have had at the end of the day are thoroughly smashed.

Part 3 of the same section states that the amount of time that the 911 dispatcher needs to decide where the patient should be taken is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen that the patient requires to decrease his shortness of breath.

It must also take 30 minutes for the EMT's to establish an IV in a hypotensive patient with chest pain.

Emergency vehicles will be in violation of said rule book if they follow the route to the hospital that they took to the clinic, thus making their total time from dispatch to hospital less than 3 hours.

Did I mention that I do a lot of praying these days?