Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Happy Birthday Edition

Yesterday I turned 38. If this is what pushing middle age is like- WOW, bring it on!

I had been feeling really lonely lately and was being a little whiney. I was trying to envision my life with 50 cats and it just wasn't making me very happy. Yesterday, though, my wonderful family and friends reminded me of what a wonderful life I have. Starting at 6am I received emails, phone calls and text messages. Even my brother Aaron, who generally maintains radio silence, sent a birthday text. I got flowers from a new beau, had dinner with Vince (a classmate who has come up to work at El Centro) and Katie called and said she'd be staying for the entire Christmas break. All in all a fabulous day.

We try so hard to be independent and emotionally sturdy but its wonderful to be reminded that one is cared for in this world. Here's my favorite of the Thanksgiving pics: Those are my brothers Aaron and Josh and Aaron's baby EJ. I have edited out the wine glass...

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