Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have come to the realization that, in spite of the great content, my blog is BOOOORRRIIING. No pictures, no links, no fancy stuff. This needs to be remedied. Therefore, my goal for the weekend is to fancy up the blog-space. That is, if my computer comes back from Best Buy before then in working order. I'm driving down to Santa Fe tonight to get the bike tuned up and the rack attached by people who know what they are doing (the nice folks at the new SF REI), then to drop off the computer with the geek squad boys. Then maybe dinner at Dhara Thai. When I have a restaurant craving these days, its for Indian or Thai food. Neither type of cuisine can be found in Las Vegas currently. I'll miss my bike for the rest of the week, but I can feel the gears slipping and it just needs doing.

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