Friday, October 31, 2008

Are we there yet: a tale of election year fatigue

Four days to go and I'm ready for President Obama to be inaugurated so we can get on with the work of fixing the big hole in our national roof. There was an article in Newsweek about "election addicts", people who spend 20 hours a week and more following new reports, polls and Obamamercials. These folks are apparently worried that they will have a difficult time adjusting to a campaign-free lifestyle. Instead of getting their nightly fix of Fox's fair and balanced reporting, they are contemplating ways to fill the post electoral emptiness.

I have to admit, I'm watching the Daily Show more regularly than usual. But secretly I'm in love with Jon Stewart. Funny, smart, handsome: what's not to love. However, I'm skimming over the election coverage every where else and change the radio station when campaign ads come on. I missed Michelle Obama when she came into town, which was disappointing. She garnered a pretty big crowd, the size of which is somewhat disputed, and gave a great speech (though it was pretty similar to the DNC speech given in Denver).

But really, I'm ready for it to be over. I've been hosting a campaign volunteer since early October. He's the perfect houseguest, he's never around, doesn't make a mess and, when I see him, is very pleasant. I'm ready to have the house to myself again, though. Tip toe-ing around in the morning isn't fun. However it's forced me to use the automatic feature on my coffee maker so that the bean grinding does not disturb. That, my freinds, is the most wonderful invention of the modern world. Its like the coffee fairy came in the middle of the night and made my morning cuppa. Its absolute bliss to smell that coffee in the early dark hours before I'm even out of bed and just stumble down the stairs to fill my mug. The only thing that could possibly top that is to have an attractive man prepare the beverage exactly the way I like it and bring it up the stairs so that I could drink it in bed. Then the attractive man would make breakfast, clean up and leave until the next morning.

But I digress.

It'll all be over soon and then we can watch to post election analysis until inauguration, then the post inaugural analysis and then...

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