Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

Ok, all four of you who follow my blog, hopefully you've all sent in your "vote by mail" applications and have received your mail-in ballots. Its time to break out the black ball point pen, fill out that bad boy and send it off. One of you has warned me of the possibility of vote theft by the bad guys (no name dropping, George). I'm not sure whether to succumb to the paranoia and hand deliver my ballot to the county clerk's office or drop it into the Anton Chico mail box.

Don't blow this off, voters. If you don't make your opinions known now, you can't bitch about not getting what you want! And, for crying out loud, if you receive any kind of social services, have family in the military, have to choose between your utility bills and your medical treatment, are concerned about the economy, care about your neighbors, drive a car, or heat your house you need to think very long and very hard about whether the status quo has worked for you.

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