Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where did I put my summer?

I've been out of the blog-o-sphere for the last two and a half months. Katie came for the summer and it seemed like every waking minute was packed. We went white water rafting, she had friends come to visit, and we spend a few days in Pagosa Springs. Katie got some babysitting gigs and took art lessons. I got a new bike, a fabulous Bianchi Volpe that I ride all the time. I rode in two charity events in Albuquerque; one for the American Diabetes Association and the other for NM AIDS Services. In September I'm planning to ride the century in the Durango Fall Blaze and Celebration. Hopefull, 'll be up for the mileage and the crazy climbs!

My twenty year high school reunion was last month. Whoah! That was a little weird. There were a few folks with whom I was glad to reconnect, most I already had via the magic of Facebook, but others I didn't remember. It was like one of those strange dreams where you are supposed to be taking a test, but it's in a language you never studied.

Anyway, the activity isn't looking like it's going to slow down. I'll get some pictures up pretty soon and try and keep the blog interesting for the three of you who read it.

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