Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Ba-ack!

Well, hello there. I'm sure all three of my followers have long since given up on me and my blog. I'd nearly given up on it as well. But it's been an interesting year+, I'm about to turn 40, and I figure there's some self examination coming due.

Here are the highlights of 2009-10;
1. Relationships with two lovely men that, in the end, I could not commit to for various reasons.
2. Bought the midlife crisis mobile, a 2002 sunburst yellow mazda miata.
3. Katie turned 16 and we went to New Orleans in July. Hot. No joke.
4. A couple of near-misses with family members. Fortunately, they are still with us.
5. Another trip to New Orleans last December and a Southern coastal odyssey in March that began in North Carolina and ended in Florida. We rescued that trip from the flames and don't ever want to repeat it.
6. Started training for my first triathlon.
7. Learned to swim to prepare for first triathlon.
8. Moved from my house in the country to a cute little place 4 blocks from work. It's not nearly cold here but it's only November.
9. Three patients died by their own hands.
10. Began to examine my spirituality from a different angle.
11. Rode 40 miles in the Santa Fe Century, farther than I'd ridden ever, then went to bed for ten days with the flu.
12. Chickens. Wanda. No Chickens.
13. Ran my very first 5k race, the Duke City Marathon. I started training for that race when I was twenty, hurt my knee, got distracted with several cute guys and finished with big 'ol grin on my face, faster than I though I would. With food poisoning and 3 hours of sleep.

What's Coming Up:
1. Polar Bear Triathlon. If there's a hard way to do something, I'll do it. A triathlon. In December. Non-standard distances. Instead of a 5k run, it's a 7k. Instead of a 12 mile bike ride, it's 20 miles. And the swim is at the end. My goal is not to drown.

2. My 40th Birthday. With it, a big party with friends coming into town from all over and free lift passes from Sipapu Ski Resort.

3. Big Christmas Vacation. Beach, Katie, good friends, fish tacos.

4. Living single for a while. Yeah, I know I've said that before.

Yes, it's been an eventful time. There are a few goals for the upcoming year;

1. Grow my community here in Las Vegas. I'm going to be here, it seems, for a while longer. The people that I've met are wonderful, warm, and fascinating and I want more of that. I'm not sure how that's going to work, but I'm keeping myself open to opportunities.

2. Compete in more races; triathlons, 5k's, 10k's, whatever. The thought of a 1/2 marathon crossed my mind, but let's not get crazy. Crossing that first finish line with the cheering crowds with the endorphins kicking in was an unbelievable experience. More of that, too, please.

3. 2011 is a travel year. The itinerary is a little vague right now, though.

4. Continue to explore the interesting turn my spirituality is taking. More on that as we go.

5. Take some time to really be alone. Previously, I've removed myself for three months from relationships. Now a year or more may be in order. This will be discussed ad nauseum for the next 12 months or until I get my head screwed on straight. Not for the delicate constitutions.

6. Rebuild my savings account. I'm not broke by any means, but my accounts took a few hits this year. A little more discipline is in order.

So, there.

See ya in a few days.

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