Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Mexico has some of the best weather in the United States. Over 300 days of sunshine, relatively mild winters at the lower elevations and, north of Albuquerque at least, summers that aren't painfully hot. Consequently we are weather wimps. We don't know how to drive with anything wet or white on the road. Most of us have dry rot on our windsheild wipers and umbrellas are something we buy when we get ready to go out of town.

Yes, we have our summer monsoon season; those lovely afternoon thunderstorms in the summer that cool things off and keep things green (as green as it gets in most of the state). But at most those storms last for about an hour. We consider them more like mood swings than real weather trends.

For the last few days, it has been cloudy and rainy here in Las Vegas. This is great because our moisture has been pretty sporadic since January and we were looking at a nasty fire season. A collective sigh of relief has gone up across Northern New Mexico. That sigh lasted until this morning when we looked out side and said "What the hell? Why is it still raining? When is it going to stop? Are we going to have to build an arc?"

The forecast calls for thunderstorms through the weekend and 80% chance of showers daily through next weekend.


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