Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update on random stuff

There are a bunch of loose ends on the blog so lets tie them all up (or in knitting parlance, weave in the ends). I'm still not finished with the "snowdrift sweater" I'm stuck on the cabled section of the sleeves. But I have finished a pair of mittens and a hat for myself from the purple alpaca I bought at the Taos Sheep and Wool festival. I've nearly finished spinning the shetland fleece and I've started a pair of christmas mittens for one of my nephews/niece from some green and blue bulky yarn from my stash. Stash busting, so satisfying.

I've got 9 gallons of fruit wine fermenting in the guest bedroom. It has gotten to the point that in order to make more I'd either have to buy more 1 gallon glass fermenting jars or wait till I bottled what I've got going. Since a) I'm going to run out of room if I keep going like this and b) the holidays are coming and a gallon of wine is not really an appropriate gift for Katie (maybe when she's older) I decided to wait. Midwest Supplies sells some really great winemaking kits that I'm considering including a bordeaux and a malbec, but they require a 5 gallon bucket to start out and they make about 30 bottles of wine. I'd seriously have to reconfigure my storage space but how cool would that be!

This morning I'm heading out to help with the Thanksgiving Gallinas Cleanup in which folks go out and pick up the trash that's accumulated on the Riverwalk. Since I really enjoy that area and have seen some nice wildlife right in the middle of downtown I'm happy to help out. Also, I've been here almost six months and haven't taken many opportunities to get involved in much of anything besides work and really am feeling the need to be more sociable. In fact, I'd better get my breakfast together so I can get there on time.

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