Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Night at the Cinema

Wanda and I are watching movies tonight. Katharine Hepburn film "Long Day's Journey into Night" is playing on American Movie Classics. It's Ms Hepburn at her most vulnerable, most fragile but its a wonderful ensemble film. Her morphine addicted matriarch of a dysfunctional family was a risky role. I love her for that. Of course, at that point in her career she could afford the risk both financially and emotionally. Usually Hepburn played strong, smart women next to equally powerful leading men: Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Peter O'Toole, and even John Wayne. Under her characters' thick layer of confidence and brilliance was a deep desire to be loved.

We're waiting for the snow that's supposed to come tonight. Its awfully cold again but the sky doesn't have the right look. I think its bluffing again. Soon, I hope, we'll get something besides cold.

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