Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pure as the driven slush

I've been working on the Snowdrift cardi from "Inspired to Knit". However, while the sweater in the pattern book is white, mine is being knitted in a charcoal grey handspun corriedale with little silvery bits. Its working up very fast and easy. Since my brain seems to be still somewhat addled from graduate school, fast and easy is something I appreciate.

My ambition of finishing all the unspun fibers in my stash before the Taos Sheep and Wool festival (first weekend in October) may have been a bit, well, ambitious. I still have a pound or two of the corriedale and a little over an ounce of silk to finish out Katie's gloves. In the world of fiber-stash, this is practically microscopic, but I'm trying very hard not to accumulate stuff. On the other hand TSW comes but once a year. Here are some yarn/fiber buying justif... I mean reasons:

1. I can use the TSW purchases to make and/or give away as gifts

2. Improving one's skills (in this case, spinning, knitting and weaving) are helpful for maintaining good mental health

3. I'm supporting small, local businesses

4. Supporting these small local businesses helps to keep traditional skills allive

5. It will be a lovely fall day in Taos and I will have driven all the way up there

6. Sheep and Llamas and Goats, oh my

7. I really really like string

8. soooo sooooffft

Excuse me, I think I drooled on myself...

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