Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shakin' the Groove Thang

Salsa dance classes started a couple of days ago! Hooray for Adam, my dear friend and dance in structor and his very non-white-guy-from-Vermont hip shakin'. Seriously though, it's really good to get out of the house in the evenings, be with other humans, and move my body. I was starting to talk to myself and pretend that Wanda the wonder-shepherd was talking back. Not good.

The interesting thing about dance class is that there is one man; the intrepid Vince, a friend from PA school and now work. Why are men apprehensive about dancing and/or learning
to dance? There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to lead on the dance floor. That sort of confidence and intimacy leads to other types of confidence and intimacy. If you know what I mean. Most women love dancing and are willing to look silly to learn how to salsa, ballroom, electric slide (well, maybe..) or two step.

I think men get impatient with learning and intimidated because it can look complicated. It's really not. Like most things, if broken down into the basics, dancing is not difficult. It does require surrender, though. Surrender to music, rhythm and a certain level of emotional intimacy. This can be scary. See "Dating Rule #2.

To me, skiing is scary. Riding a porch swing without a seat belt high up over a bunch of ice and snow followed by hurtling down a steep hill at high speeds while balanced on two waxed sticks. Um, right. Even while wearing heels, the odds of an injury more serious than a mashed toe are pretty low. However, I know some pretty athletic and graceful men who ski on a regular basis and are very good at it who are terrified of the hardwood. And by that I mean the dance floor. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Men have no idea how many romance points they get for knowing how to dance. Even making the effort and being able to laugh at yourself for missing a step will make your girl happy. And if the girl is happy...

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theo said...

When asked why a guy would WANT to hurtle down a steep hill on two waxed sticks (or one wide board), tie a rope or saddle something wild and try to ride it, the only answer I could think of was "Chicks Dig It". I was obviously wrong. I should have spent more time on the dance floor and less in more dangerous pursuits, although most men I know would find it easier to risk life and limb than the possible dissapointment of a special woman.