Wednesday, February 4, 2009


While I was sick in bed yesterday, nursing a ridiculous fever and bellyache, I was tossing around blog ideas. I probably should have been resting my little fevered brain rather than hallucinating about the blog but at least I wasn't hallucinating about little green monsters nibbling my toes. On the flip side, I could have conjured up images of Liam Neeson bringing me soup and cool washcloths for my hot forehead and telling me that even with the sweaty chills and morning breath I was still gorgeous. Then maybe he could have nibbled my toes. Apparently I have to be in a state of reasonably good health to come up with that one. Damn. That could have given me hours of enjoyment.

I've been doing a bit of dating over the last few months, both the online and offline varieties. I have learned a few things about what makes for a good date and what I look for in a dating site profile. You, my lucky readers, are going to reap the rewards of my experience, the good, the mediocre, and the ugly.

This is how its going to work; I'm going to continue to write about the things I usually write about. This would be the stuff about work, about family, time with the dog, etc. Interspersed with the regularly scheduled programming will be Angela's Rules for Dating. You can also send me your dating rules and tell me why they are important to you.

Here comes rule number one.

On the first date it is acceptable to mention, in passing only, the previous relationship/marriage. It is date DEATH to spend 20-30 minutes discussing the reason the above mentioned relationship/marriage failed. Save that for later. There will be a time when you will want to work through issues that may have cropped up before. The first date is not that time. The first date is for investigating issues such as intellectual and physical chemistry, for discovering you both have a passion for the hokey-pokey or that his love of neopolitan ice cream turns your stomach. Giving too much information too soon does two things: 1) shows that perhaps you aren't as over that last person as you thought you might have been, and 2) makes the person sitting across the table from you feel a little uncomfortable and/or bored. Don't bore your date.

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