Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Angela's Dating Tip #3: Lap(top) Dancing

Ah, online dating. Those of us who rely on the electronic cupid admit it a bit sheepishly. Who wants to admit that they're fishing in a barrel? With dynamite? Ok, just with big firecrackers, but still...

The bait for the hook is the profile. The profile needs to have an attractive picture showing the quarry in its natural habitat. It should make the prey look approachable, with healthy plumage and a nice nest. Remember, the point of the display is to attract a mate.

Some members get this. Their profile photos are pleasant, they smile, there are flattering shots of them in exotic locations. Sometimes they include their dog's or cats to show their sensitivity. Kittens, especially are a nice touch. They have also proof-read their profile text, checking for spelling errors and NEVER writing their profiles in all-caps or in text-speak.

There are also those that seem a little confused about the purpose of the profile. The photos look like mug-shots, with scowls and furrowed brows. One profiler that I saw even flashed a gang sign. Gentlemen, these things are not attractive. They are scary.

You attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Show those pearly whites. Use that spell-check if you really want to snag a smart girl. Think of a profile as a resume, first impressions count.

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