Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bienvenidos a Nicaragua

There is a certain joy that comes with traveling to the tropics in the winter when one has been freezing their tushie for the last couple of months. I´m on the hotel computer at the Best Western hotel across the street from the airport in Managua, Nicaragua, waiting for my room to cool off.

There are all sorts of flowers blooming in the courtyard and the moon is up. In the morning Í´ll be catching a shuttle to Granada, where I´ll be staying for the rest of the week. The plane was loaded with Minnesotan women who were coming to volunteer with an orphanage through their church. All of them very blond and tall and thrilled to be leaving the artic temps behind. I sat next to a gentleman from Monroe, Louisiana who was here on his fourth trip to Acatal, bringing medical and building supplies. He still had a four hour bus trip into the mountains after reaching the airport.

It still feels unreal that I´m here and I´ve got that "just traveled for 12 hours" sort of manic feeling. A good night´s sleep followed by some Nicaraguan coffee should fix me right up.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, I´ll be able to get an internet connection on my laptop tomorrow. If so, there will be some photos!

Buenos Noches.

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Otori said...

Ohhhh whats the climate like? I cant wait to see pics! Does the camera work well?