Monday, April 13, 2009

the single girl and the geographic cure

I went to Colorado/Wyoming over the weekend to visit the Katie and my other crazy relatives. Wanda the wonder-shepherd rode shotgun and didn't vomit once! We got a homeopathic remedy for last fall that seems to have rid Wanda of motion-sickness and has radically changed the way we travel. She can now ride in the car longer than an hour without nausea and actually napped in the back seat!

Another milestone on this trip: my little red subie turned over 100,000 just south of Cheyenne. On the ride back through snowy Raton Pass I decided that I would drive the ruby-subie for another 100k then get a new one. Maybe by then there will be hybrid impreza's! That all-wheel drive is pretty handy on bad roads.

The first thing Katie and I noticed about Cheyenne, besides the wind of course, was the smell of the refinery. I must say I prefer the cow manure smell of western Nebraska to the gas refinery smell of southern Wyoming. However it did make for cheap fuel; $1.79/gallon. That's a full thirty cents cheaper than it is here in the other Las Vegas.

I have no pictures of this trip as I was depending on my mother's excellent communication skills and sense of timing and left my camera in my backpack which I left at her place. Oh well.

Katie and I had a nice, mellow time and she survived her nearly terminal boredom. We saw the family including my brother Aaron and his family. Funny how having kids will make you want to spend time with the rest of your family. I also got a travel buddy for Jazzfest! My uncle's girlfriend, Ruth, is going to go with me. Woohoo! I have a feeling she and I could get into a little trouble together...

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