Monday, August 11, 2008

And we begin

So here is the blog I've been threatening to do for the last year! I'm a single, long distance parent, a brand new Physician Assistant, and a dabbler. Since graduating from PA school and starting my job, my real primary occupation has been porch-sitting with Wanda the Wonder-Shepherd, bird watching, and wine drinking on said porch.

Where did the title come from? I've recently move to Las Vegas, NM, a city of 14,000 souls 2 hours north of Albuquerque. It still retains the aroma of the wild west, and no thats not just the cows you smell. There are hundreds of dogs running loose around here (note to self: talk to the humane society/animal control about spay-neuter programs), a few who chase me down the street while I ride my bike. I've made friends with some of these fur-balls but some require a shot across the bow with a little pepper spray. While I've never made actually pepper-spray contact, its nice to know I've got it if I need it.

The live grenade part... During my second week at work I stopped off at Dick's Liquor's (I'm not making that up) to buy a nice red that would go well with porch-sitting. There were several police cars blocking traffic a block or so down the street. Hmm, interesting. As I was standing in line with my selection I overheard a conversation between some other customers. Apparently the owner of the pawnshop down the street had bought a box of junk from someone but hadn't gone through it at the time of purchase. When he finally decided to sort through the box, he found a pair of live, vietnam era hand grenades. Needless to say, downtown Las Vegas was (mostly) evacuated, the bomb squad brought in, probably from Santa Fe and the ordinance disposed of properly.

That's when I knew I wouldn't be bored...

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